Almond Cookies Dusted with Icing Sugar
It’s been a long long time since I posted. I only have excuses and no reasons for this. Lately though I’ve had an awful lot of time to myself to think. What I’ve been thinking about is this: Wanting. Wanting something so much that it’s not even a want any more, but a given. I don’t just mean something just handed, ‘given’ to you. It’s something your going to do, work hard, push through and do. This wanting nirvana is something you can’t think about achieving. It just happens.
I want THIS to be my life.




Almond Cookie recipe from Shutter Bean.


Moms Pumpkin Soup
This time no, it wasn’t any home sickness that prompted this round of cooking. It was London’s truly god-awful mid winter (although it’s technically spring) weather. A windy, snowy, in the minuses day a week weeks back prompted A. Me to stay in bed all day long, and, B. To make soup.
Soup is Good Food.



I really feel like I drift without much direction or end-goal purpose when photographing my food at the moment. Which results in minute feelings of frustration when I sit down to edit and the way the shots are all done haphazardly. (Why?) With the ever hopefully approach of Spring arriving, I feel the same about possible change.


Banana Raspberry Pancakes with Greek Yogurt, Maple Syrup with Hazelnuts and Pecans.

I am truly annoyed with the majority of the photos I took of today’s Pancake Day pancakes. I blame myself. the same mistake as last time! Running around trying to photograph quickly so A. The food still looks hot in the photos and B. It’s actually still mildly warm when I eat it.

The problem is I like to shoot on the desk in my room. So I run, back and forth from the kitchen and my room. Most of them were blurry. These are the only 2 I’m happy with.


Though I’m not a recipe sharer, these are 2 ingredient pancakes. Banana and Eggs. Though I added a fair few extras, like bicarb, almond meal and raspberries. I found it here. Otherwise as my latest food blog crush, Top With Cinnamon.

They were delicious, I just wish I had someone to make them for other than myself. The nutty topping was the best part.



Caramel Chicken with White Rice and Broccolini.

I have been making this dish since I was 16. that’s 5 years. It’s perfectly honed, timed and executed down to the last second of perfection. I’ve made this countless times for friends and their boyfriends, family, my Grampys 80th Birthday. It’s the dish I make when I want to impress.

So naturally I wanted the photographs for this dish to come out perfect. They did, and they didn’t. I ran around when I realised the first location I was shooting didn’t achieve the look I wanted and had to set up somewhere new.
It was well and truly on it’s way to cold by the time I sat down to eat lunch.
It’s a work in progress I guess.


I have actually photographed this dish, well over a year ago! You can find it in my post from ‘My Old Flat’ or check it here!


Prosciutto, Tomato & Rocket Pizza, with Mozzarella & Parmesan Cheese.

This is me, getting over my fear of using yeast, thanks to the unexpected gift of The Smitten Kitchen cookbook for Christmas! Admittedly one of the very few blogs I check on a consistant basis.




If I had to pick one New Years Resolution to come true this year, It’d be that I become a paid food photographer. Not reeallllyyy sure how that’s going to happen.


For now this little blog shall do. For now.


Gingerbread Moustaches with Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry Icing.


Due to England’s intense lack of natural light during winter, I struggle to find the right time of day to do food photography. Shooting by lamps, and even this heavenly soft candle light is not what I like. To me, all I see is poor lighting, which translates in my mind as poor photography.
I am aware that this is probably not the case, and is a mind over matter scenario.


Merry Christmas.


White Chocolate Macadamia Blondies & Passion Fruit Shortbread.


The Blondies where a gift for my good friend Kyra <3 ^-^
The Shortbread I made for afters for my Grandparents whom are visiting from Australia. <3<3
Thank you both for giving me reasons to bake. Xo



Thai Pork Sausage Rolls with Thai Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce.
The rolls I made, the sauce, I didn’t.

I purchased a new cook book, called ‘Cooking For One’. The hardest thing about cooking for just myself is the wastage. How do you not end up throwing out a lot of food while keeping each meal different? Hey I like lasagna, roasts and all that. I just don’t want to be eating it every day for 7 consecutive days.


So this is the first from that, surprisingly delicious.


Raspberry & Pear Oat Loaf.
One of the many things I baked whilst I was in Australia, however did not photography due to the hiatus on life I was having.

God I missed this. Hiatus over!


Lately I have been too busy…

Busy having the time of my life in New York City! So I haven’t made anything proper that wasn’t solely for the purpose of giving me sustenance lately, heck it’s been a month since that spaghetti.
I have however been instagraming up a storm some of the delicious meals I had in NY, plus other food related things. It shakes the blog up a bit.


1a. Pancakes with Greek Yogurt, Strawberries & Golden Syrup + Tea
1b. Pizza from L’asso, NYC
1c. Peanutbutter & Nutella Toast
1d. Eggs on Toast

2a. Caramel Chicken
2b. Breakfast picnic at Central Park, NYC
2c. Heavenly good cupcakes, Magnolia Bakery, NYC
2d. Scrambled Eggs, Greek Yogurt+Jam+Honey & Tea